About Us

The RV Bunch

This group is a place for people that enjoy outdoor recreation to share ideas and experiences and have group discussions about all things RV related.


As always, please be respectful to others at all times.

1. No posts geared towards commercial gain.
2. Avoid posts concerning political or religious views for the sake of the discussion. We are not against anyone's beliefs, but we would like to keep the discussion on topic.
3. Stick to topics related to the RV lifestyle that contribute to the overall mission of the group. It is expected for some topics to drift, however, to ensure maximum benefit for everyone, we encourage you to keep your post as close to the subject as possible.
4. Play nice :) Be professional and don't get personal.
5. Posting Links: Do your best to make sure links posted are from secure websites and are not duplicate content.
6. ENJOY yourselves and get to know other members!

**Failure to abide by guidelines above may result in your post being deleted and/or ejection from the group.